Federation News
10 February 2017
The Circus Manifesto was officially presented in Monte Carlo

Dr. Újhelyi István, member of the European Parliament, officially presented the Circus Manifesto during the circus directors’ luncheon of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque in Monte-Carlo on the 22nd January.

The Manifesto was initiated by Dr. Újhelyi at the conference on Circus Arts held in the European Parliament last October. The document was prepared on a wide range of consultations with circus professionals and it summarizes the values of circus arts, its needs and tasks for the future.

FMC’s Honorary President H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie of Monaco was the first to sign the book of Supporters.

You can read and study The Manifesto on the internet in several languages. Though it is a European initiative but its content and influence is far beyond of the continent.

If you share the principles and tasks stressed by the document please sign it online.

Federation News
02 February 2017
Circus Ambassador 2017

The Fédération Mondiale du Cirque has the tradition since 2009 to award the prestigious title of Circus Ambassador each January to a personality whose contribution to the preservation, development and promotion of circus arts is an example to follow.The nominee in 2017 is Mr. Maxim Nikulin.

The plaque was handled by Mr. Urs Pilz, President of the Federation, at the Circus Directors’ luncheon in Monte-Carlo during the 41st International Circus Festival.

20 October 2016
Conference on the future of circus arts in the European Parliament

Brussels, 18 October 2016

Under the Big Top - Round-table conference
Mr. István Újhelyi, member of the European Parliament, deputy chair of the Commission of Transport and Tourism, offered the opportunity of having a conference about the present and future of circus arts in the Parliament. This is a historical event for our sector as we witness the circus becoming a debutant topic there.

Members of the Parliament, numerous representatives of the industry and circus related organisation, young artists and those being interested in the event attended the meeting. Commissioner Tibor Navracsics (responsible for culture) delivered the keynote speech. He underlined the importance of the cultural sector in Europe, which is an engine of creativity, mobility, and economic growth. 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage and that year our community will celebrate the 250 years of of the European circus therefore there are many possibilities for collaboration.

Mr Újhelyi in his turn said: " Circus arts, in all its varieties is a valuable and remarkable part of the European Culture. The traditional circus is a blend of organised artistic and musical entertainment in which acts featuring acrobats, clowns,and domesticated and wild animals are performing in the same ring in turn.......circus arts is still one of the most influential artistic product, which plays a key role in the entertaining, and tourism industry. Our conference in the European Parliament aims to bring European decision-makers and the representatives of the traditional and the new generation of circus arts closer, in order to find out how we could preserve the traditional circus values."

Mr Újhelyi called upon the Commission to work on a new study about the present situation of circuses in EU countries.

Mr Újhelyi had 2 other proposals:

  • stressed the necessity to work out a quality certificate system for circuses
  • suggested to work out a CIRCUS MANIFESTO in collaboration with all stake holders, to formulate the challenges and needs to assure the future.

FMC was represented by its President and Executive director, Mr. Urs Pilz, and Zsuzsanna Mata among the panelist.