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Advertise your upcoming events and/or promote your organisation by publicising historical facts about its founders, key events, etc.

  • Brief description of upcoming or historical event and related website published in the Federation’s on-line calendar with link to “more information”.
  • Events highlighted on Federation Home Page as the dates approach.

Cost:  100 EUR or 125 USD per event. 

All event descriptions subject to approval and/or editing by the Federation prior to posting. 

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Example of current event: Opening 37th Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo
Example of historical event: 2008 Fédération Mondiale du Cirque established in Monaco
(An upcoming event date may only be purchased on or after today;
the approval process usually takes 48 hours)
Example of historical event: 16 December 2008
(Max 144 characters) For example: Chapiteau d Fontvieille, Monaco
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Example: The 37th Festival will take place from 17 – 27 January 2013. For reservations please contact us by telephone at +377. or by fax at +377.
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