Preservation Project

During its formation in 2008, the members of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque discussed the possibility of undertaking one or more activities aimed at the preservation of the history of circus through collection and exhibition of circus documents and other physical objects. It was believed that the preservation of the history of circus would be important to safeguarding its future. It also was believed that publications relating to circus collections could help to convey the importance of Circus to societies of the past, present and future, possibly leading to greater appreciation and further recognition of Circus both as an art-form and as part of our collective culture. It was agreed, however, that little was known about the extent and nature of circus collections and that it would be necessary, prior to engaging in concrete activities, to better understand the state of the art concerning circus collections and to ask experts in the field whether the Federation could play a useful role and, if so, what that role would be. The following information describes the various phases in which the Project has been developed and carried out to date.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Project Update: 2 December 2011