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Preservation Project - Phase II

Phase II: Identification of Stakeholders' Interests and Recommended Next Steps

While efforts to expand the collections database continue, work on the Preservation Project in 2010 was intended to focus on more in-depth exploration of the issues, challenges, and communities involved in order to map out activities that the Federation could undertake to advance mutual interests. The fundamental goal of Phase II is to identify the core elements of a five year plan, including identification of funding requirements, that could be presented to the Federation’s General Assembly in January 2011 for consideration.

The Federation Board of Directors agreed that, in addition to a seminar on the topic to be held in Budapest early in the year, the Federation should organise an additional meeting in the fall of 2010 to identify the components of a proposed five year plan. The European Circus Association donated 5,000 euros to help support Phase II of the Preservation Project. In the meantime, Cirque du Soleil offered to host a professional meeting in the summer of 2010 on the preservation of circus memory. Just prior to this important meeting in Montreal, the organisers of the European Youth Festival in Wiesbaden expressed interest in a short workshop that could explore components of the Preservation Project of local relevance. The Board of Directors welcomed these offers and agreed that the five year plan should be developed as a follow up to the Budapest seminar, the Montreal professional meeting and the Wiesbaden workshop without the need for an additional Federation meeting. Information about each meeting can be found below.

Budapest Seminar

Montreal Professional Meeting

Wiesbaden Workshop

Proposed Activities and Next Steps