Photo Contest 2015 Official Entry Form

Professional circuses and/or youth or social circus organisations may enter up to FOUR digital photographs that capture events or activities resulting from positive cooperation between professional circuses and youth/social circus organisations. 

Twelve photographs to illustrate best practices in collaboration between professional circus and youth or social circus organisations will be selected by the Federation’s panel of circus historians taking also into account the artistic and technical quality of the photographs.  The winning twelve photographs will be featured in Federation online and hardcopy promotional materials and the Federation’s 2016 wall calendar.

Please read the entry requirements and conditions of contest carefully. Then complete Steps 1 and 2 of the form.

Entry requirements

  • To be considered in the Contest, photograph(s) must be submitted using this Official Entry Form.
  • Photographs may be in color or black and white. Composites, or photos that have been edited in any way, are not permitted.
  • No more than four photographs may be submitted by any organisation. Each image must be submitted in jpeg format no later than 30 September 2015. All images published on the Federation website will be protected with a watermark. Photographers may submit a low resolution version for online publication during the contest but must – to be considered – also submit a high resolution version that will be used for print purposes should the photograph be selected as a winner. High resolution photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Entrants must describe the collaboration related to the event or activity that is the subject of the photograph, including the complete names of the participating professional circus and youth or social circus organisation.
  • Entrants whose photographs are selected as winners of the 2015 competition may be asked to provide additional information to the Federation concerning the subject matter and/or place of the photograph. The Federation reserves the right to reject photographs submitted under a false name or any false pretense or for which the authenticity of the participating circuses or organisations or events depicted cannot be confirmed independently.
  • If any submitted image has a recognizable child (anyone under the age of 18), the photographer must obtain written permission from the child's parent or guardian. We recommend entrants use the Federation’s parental consent form, which can be downloaded here. The consent form may be completed in the language of the parent or guardian.
  • The Federation kindly requests permission to use photographs submitted in the contest on the Federation website and in printed form to illustrate circus arts as part of its ongoing Preservation Project and Terminology work. Any such use of a photograph would include the photo credit. This permission is optional and is not a condition of the Contest. Entrants can indicate their permission using the checkbox at the end of the form.

We're sorry, but the deadline for submitting entries has past.

Conditions of contest:

  1. By submission of an Entry(ies) in the Contest, I agreed to be bound, unconditionally, by the Conditions of the Contest,including all Entry Requirements.
  2. I represent and warrant that I am the photographer of the Entry(ies) and, to the best of my knowledge or belief, I am the sole owner of copyright or any other intellectual property right that may exist in the content of the Entry(ies), and no other person has any intellectual property rights in the Entry(ies), whether registered or unregistered, and/or that any person with such interests has assigned to me their rights without reservation.
  3. I hereby grant the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque (the “Federation”) the right to use my Entry(ies) for publicity purposes, including announcing and/or exhibiting the results of this Contest, and in all media in relation to promotion of the Federation.
  4. I further agree that if my Entry is selected as a winner in the Contest, I grant the Federation full rights to utilize the Entry, including the right to reproduce and/or adapt the same, and to display, publish and distribute the Entry, with or without modifications, and without further consent by or compensation to me.
  5. Any dispute or claim that may arise in connection with this Contest shall be subject exclusively to the courts and laws of the Principality of Monaco.
  6. Copyright of the image remains the property of the photographer. Photo credits will be provided for any publication of the Entry(ies) by the Federation.

Limitation of liability: TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, damages for infringement of copyright or other intellectual property protection for images submitted in the Contest, and/or DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, USE, DATA OR OTHER INTANGIBLES, THAT RESULT FROM contestants’ participation in the Photo Contest.