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Membership in the Federation is reserved for national or regional associations, organisations or other entities that represent or otherwise bring together circus owners, directors, artists, animal trainers or presenters and/or festivals.

Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC International)

The Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC International) is the umbrella Social Circus organization with branches in Denmark, Japan, USA (under progress) and Afghanistan, dedicated to empowering young people through circus arts. MMCC was established in 2002 and has grown into a countrywide education program focusing on teaching children to lead in Afghanistan.
Website : http://www.mmccinternational.org/
Facebook page : www.facebook.com/MMCCInternational

in recognition of MMCC’s activities membership is fully sponsored by the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque

Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, Founding Member

Created in 1974 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo has become the most important and most prestigious platform for circus arts in the world. Its Golden Clown is considered as the highest possible distinction for artists in this discipline. The Festival is organised by its president, H.S.H. Princess Stephanie of Monaco.
Website : www.montecarlofestival.mc

Animal Interest Alliance, Founding Member

The Animal Interest Alliance (AIA) is a trust created in South Africa by persons and organisations involved in the public display of animals, including in the circus. Its objective is to promote the welfare of animals, to strengthen the human-animal bond, to preserve genetic diversity, to ensure that the use of renewable resources is sustainable and to safeguard the rights and interests of responsible animal owners and professionals through research, public education and the development of sound public policy.
Website : www.aiatrust.org.za

European Circus Association, Founding Member

The European Circus Association (ECA) is a non-profit organisation established for the purpose of promoting and preserving circus arts and culture. Its members include circus owners and directors, festivals, animal trainers/presenters and artists as well as national associations representing the same interests. ECA has members resident in approximately twenty European countries, including 17 Member States and Monaco. Its work focuses on increasing the recognition of circus as part of European culture; reducing barriers to free movement and the realisation of artistic creations as a result of visa and work permit requirements; assisting in the development of harmonised technical standards for circuses; promoting improved quality of education available to circus children and to aspiring artists; and contributing to animal welfare through advocacy for appropriate governmental regulation and enforcement.
Website : www.europeancircus.info

Japanese Circus & Entertainment Association

The Japanese Circus & Entertainment Association brings together traditional Japanese companies including Kinoshita Circus, Pop Circus and Dream Circus as well as foreign shows touring in Japan and others in the Japanese entertainment sector. Its aim is to improve and promote innovation in circus and other performance activities and to provide a venue to resolve mutual challenges through cooperation. The Association was established in 1950. Mr. Tadashi Kinoshita, also president of Kinoshita Circus, serves as president of the Association, which has .41 members and 85 supporting members.

Outdoor Amusement Business Association, Inc., Founding Member

The Outdoor Amusement Business Association (OABA), formed in 1964, as a non-profit trade organisation, to represent the interests of those businesses involved in the mobile amusement industry who travel to fairs, festivals, community events and other facilities. Today the OABA has over 4,000 members in the United States and Canada from a variety of amusement sectors including those involved with the circus industry. Its mission is to encourage the growth and preservation of the outdoor amusement businesses through leadership, legislation, education and membership services. OABA’s Circus representation was re-established in 1998 to represent the interests of this sector of the amusement industry, including circus producers, performing animal exhibitors, circus performers and associate members.
Website : www.oaba.org

China Acrobats Association

China Acrobats Association (CAA), founded in 1981, is a nationwide professional organization with 30 group members and more than 2600 individual members all over the country. CAA’s function is to serve as a liaison and coordinator, to provide guidance to its members, and guard the legal rights and interests of Chinese acrobatics and acrobats. CAA’s activities include the organisation and sponsorship of acrobatic and magic competitions and festivals and the specification of awards and judging procedures for acrobatics. It also organizes non-profit and benefit shows and performances, supports folk acrobatics, and reinforces acrobatics and magic performance through research and education. CAA publishes Chinese Acrobatics and Magic, the only national acrobatics and magic magazine in China. CAA is a corporate member of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles.
Website : www.21caa.org

Chimelong Group Co., Ltd

Founded in 1989, the Guangzhou Chimelong Group Co., Ltd is a conglomerate that owns and operates theme parks and leisure entertainment business among others. It has the world biggest permanent circus building/stadium, especially designed to host China’s International Circus Festival. It boasts the world’s first real-live circus arena, that can accommodate nearly 8,000 spectators. The  International Circus continuously explores more space and possibility for circus performing arts which became growth industry for culture and tourism at the same time.  It started with a world circus show in 2000 and in 18 years it offered a platform for thousands of circus artists.The International Circus City is strategically located in the middle of the Henhgqin Chimelong International Ocean Resort.


The Federation was founded with the participation of 8 countries – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru,- during the second congress of South -American Circuses, held in Brazil in December 2019.

Its main objective is to join forces to overcome the barriers and adversities that circus culture is still faces, all for the good of circus arts focusing on its preservation and promotion at the same time. ”

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