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Letter of condolences to Mrs. Christel Sembach Krone

Today all who loved, worked with and respected  Mrs. Christel Sembach Krone paid final  farewell  to this great personality independently of the fact weather we could be present or not in her funerals. 

Mrs. Sembach's life was the Circus. 

She took over the leadership of Europe's biggest circus, Circus Krone, in 1995 from her mother. Mrs.Christel Sembach Krone was a legendary horse trainer , internationally recognized as one of the last “Grande Dame du Cirque” . She was not only the director but the soul of the circus. Her merit and contribution to circus arts was recognized by German State  Award.

She always stays the Circus Ambassador of the Federation.


Federation News
Letter of Condolences to Mrs Christel Sembach Krone
30 June 2017

To Circus Krone Family
On behalf of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque I would like to express our deepest condolences.
Ms. Christel Sembach Krone belonged to the greatest generation of artists and circus directors.
We lost the Lady of the Circus, but her legacy will be remembered forever. Her life will be always an exemplar and a source of inspiration for the generations to come.
We lost our Circus Ambassador who contributed so much to the preservation and promotion of circus arts. Her reputation and her unconditional labor helped so many times to overcome difficulties and to raise the public awareness and the status of the circus.
Sincerely yours:
Urs Pilz                          Zsuzsanna Mata
President                      Executive Director

Smithsonian Folklife Festival
28 June 2017

Expectations are high before the opening of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival(SFF). The Festival celebrates its 50st anniversary and on this special occasion one of central themes of the event is circus arts.

The National Endowment for Arts of the United States takes part first time ever in a circus related project offering a whole day conference on the 5th of July about the present and the future of circus arts. FMC has a panel during the discussions and Zsuzsanna Mata, executive director, will speak about the importance of World Circus Day celebrations.

The SFF will be opened on the 29 June. The following 10 days the Mall of Washington will be loud by interesting programs offering entertainment and an open platform for visitors to get acquainted with the less known features of this performing art form and have their personal experience in the circus world which has very strong social cohesion strength.

FMC is proud to be an official international partner of the Smithsonian Institution. The Federation actively took part in the preparatory works and our representatives will be present during the festival.


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